‘Replaced Lives’

The project – a visual response to an academic brief  

In December 2016, a research centre within Birkbeck College* organised a 4-day international conference on the theme of ‘Replacement’. Many social, psychological and cultural aspects of the topic, as well as in literature and films such as ‘Jane Eyre’ and ‘Rebecca’, were discussed.

In accord with its interdisciplinary spirit, we were commissioned to create a visual response to the theme for presentation at the Conference. We worked independently to produce work both in 2D and 3D, the initial starting points for exploration being the many academic proposals. 

After presenting their prints at the Conference, we were invited to exhibit an extended body of work at the University’s Peltz Gallery in Bloomsbury. The exhibition ran for six weeks from January 2018. It was later shown at The Mirror Gallery at South Hill Park Arts Centre in Bracknell for a further five weeks.

Jan Bastow depicted the dramatic impact of technology and worldwide mass communication on the lives of four generations of women. Catherine Guy-Murrell reframed viewpoints to emphasise multiple perspectives in the mechanics of perception. Ros Ingham used metaphor to comment on both continuity and change in our links to the past. Trish Roberts’ work revealed a very personal WW1 story: the tragic death of a wife and mother whose disappearance and replacement had far-reaching consequences.

The Three Disgraces

The Three Disgraces

Jan Bastow

Other Ways of Seeing

Other Ways of Seeing

Catherine Guy-Murrell

Ros Ingham